April 15

Mission Statement Meaning…

Principles are a way of showing  your Mission statement your mission statement is what you believe in. People who see how you act can tell what your values and principals are. a Mission Statement can also bee seen as something you want to accomplish or live by.

Values also play a huge role in your Principles.  The values that you have are a part of what  of what creates your mission statement and your principals.  Values are something that you strongly believe in that is extremely important to you. Values make up you and your role, they also form a mission statement so take some time and try to figure out your mission statement.

So now you now what a mission statement, principals, and values are so try to incorporate these into you daily life.

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March 28

Wigie Wigie Widgets…

Revolver map is my favorite type of visitor widget it allows me to see who has been visiting and allows me to keep up with the countries visiting me. Revolver map is a great way to keep up with visitors you can personalize it how you like and make it your own.

To get revolver map you have to got to the edublogs widget sight and click revolver map customize and copy embeded code into text part in widgets and put it where you want. You now know how to get the revolver map have fun.

So update me on how your map works and feel free to update me on your visitors. You can check out my map at the bottom of my blog to see who has been visiting me. #16STUBC 

March 28

A Place I want to Protect

A place i want to protect is a place called Lake City Co it is a small town that not many people know about in Colorado. Lake City is a place that I love with all my heart because it is a place that i can go to get away for reality. Lake City needs to be protected from more population because it will ruin the overall country small town feeling.

To keep Lake City low and not known about we need to not let any advertising out about it. If we can keep it low hopefully it will stay small and people will not know about it. Keeping the population low is a real challenge but with a lot of hard work and patience it can be done. 

So think about a place that is important to you and if you would want to protect it. Now you understand how everyone feels. #16STUBC


March 2

Houston and lamar

Houston: He was in favor of the idea of joining Texas with the United States during his term, To avoid another war he sends Santa Anna to Washington D.C. to have him sell the idea of the U.S. taking control of Texas, He had 3 different domestic policies.  1. He wanted to gain control of the army  2. determined to keep peace in Texas  3.wanted to put the nation on solid financial ground.


Lamar: He was not in favor, he wanted to further expand Texas, He sent his Secretary of State Barnard Bee to Mexico City with an offer of $5 million if Mexico would recognize the Rio Grande as the border and recognize Texas Independence, His policy required money, which the government had very little of . He wanted to build a public school system and a first class University in Texas. Congress even put land up for sale for these programs. He earned the name “Father of Texas Education”

Info from a microsoft powerpoint.

February 26

Attitude also known as 100%

Attitude is everything, it defines you if you have a negative attitude then your being negative, you might not notice but others do. Bad attitudes negatively affect you in everything you do if it is a bad day then your attitude is most likely stinky to lift your spirits reframe it and find the positives.

Having a good attitude is the right choice it it allows you to be positive and to appreciate what you have. Having  good attitude is a great way to  boost other also when they are having a bad day so try to be positive and help others.

google images.

The next time you feel bad lift yourself up and be positive and being positive allows you to go places and be successful. So the next time your down remember to smile shake it of and remember attitude is 100%?

Feel free to comment how you liked or disliked the the post and give me positive and negative feed back thanks -Mason

February 19

My Thoughts Responsibility…

You thoughts are a major responsibility you have to be responsible for them and can not let them go the wrong way in you mind. It is important to be responsible for you thoughts because they are a part of you that you can not get rid of. Try to keep your thoughts positive and do not make assumptions in your mind the first time you see something or someone.


Our thoughts are something that other people value and always will. If you are not responsible for you thoughts than you do not value you thoughts which means you do not have a care in the world and everyone cares about something. So step up and take responsibility for your thoughts and remember how important they really are. 



The next time your thinking negative make an effort to be positive you will be surprised at the difference. So remember that it is very important to be responsible for your thoughts because other people value your thoughts, you value you thoughts, and because they will always be a part of you




February 9

Important Lessons…

Lessons are a very important part of life they teach your right from wrong good from bad and life compared to TV. everyone needs a lesson here or their but the truth is you learn one almost every day.

Lessons can be good and bad… A good lesson could be learning to share or learning to help others, a bad lesson could be learning how to be rude from rude people or learning to steal things from others.

Lessons about life compared to TV… A life lesson could be to treat others how you want to be treated or help others who can help themselves. A lesson from TV could be that life is not fair or another persons fair is not your fair.

Feel free to comment back to me some of the lessons you have learned.


February 1

The Gap in Values…

Values are the things people cherish, or all the things important to you. If you have a gap in  your values you might be in a predicament the good thing is you can fix that. First you need to recognize your values. Second you need to find the Gap that you have. Third you need to figure out how to fill the Gap. One way to fill the Gap is to try to make your values more meaningful to you Another thing you can do is ask someone what your Gap is. Feel free to comment back to me on what you found.

January 27

The Way I Am Seen…

I want people to see me as respectful, loyal, and friendly I feel that if people see me like this I will be able to make good friends, and be able to build strong important relationships with them. When people see me I want them to see me as loyal because that is an important trait for all friends to have.I want people to see me as respectful so that they know that I wave good manners, and they will want to be my friend. I want people to see me as friendly so they don not think that I am mean, and like i do not care about anyone.

If people see me in these ways I feel that I will be able to build stronger relationships, make new friends, and keep friends. The  way that people see you is very important you don not want them to see you as careless, and disrespectful to others. I am going to try to keep these values so that people would like to be my friend, and so I can keep the friends I already have.

try to set some values for yourself and ask people how they see you tell them to tell the truth and not to sugar coat it. If you ask people will tell you then you will have something to build off, and wont have to start from scratch. Feel free to comment back to me what your values are and bow you personally plan to achieve keeping these values.

by coachjamesjustin.com