October 30

Halloween Haiku

Bats are in the sky

Vampires and witches too

All the ghost say boo!

                                                       Flying Fox MKIIIPaul Hocksenar via Compfight

A short Haiku about Halloween, they’re really

fun and easy to make.

Instructions: 1st line 5 syloballs, 2nd line 7 syloballs, 3rd line 5 syloballs.


Posted October 30, 2015 by masonas21 in category Halloween

6 thoughts on “Halloween Haiku

  1. bwhittle

    This is a great Haiku, Mason! I love how you have really gotten into your blog. It looks great! Was this your first haiku to write?

    1. masonas21 (Post author)

      That is so awesome thank you for reading my blog I hope you enjoy the rest of my posts ass well.


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